Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Day After Tomorrow

Unfortunately, no. I did NOT meet Jake Gyllenhaal... But Chaco WAS hit with a crazy storm this week.
Tuesday, Hna. Beckstead and I had planned to do divisions with the Hermanas of Ensanche Sur. I was to head over to Ensanche with Hna. Aybar and Hna. Beckstead would stay here in Centro with Hna. Moreno. Two hours or so before we were about to make the switch, during our companionship and language study, it began to rain... HARD. That's one of those little things I love about Argentina: the rain storms. There's no storms like that in Utah. Anyway.

We called a cab and headed over to the Hermana's pension on calle 10. They live on the corner and the entire intersection was flooded, almost up to my knees. Even in my trusty knee-high Hunter rain boots, there was the danger of getting wet.

I've noticed that generally, when there's a huge rainstorm like that, it's during studies, when we're inside. Then, when we have to go outside to work, the deluge lets up a bit so we don't get so wet. Yes. There are some exceptions, (I don't even want to talk about that one storm in Formosa.) but I like to think that for the most part, it's a little blessing from the Lord so we don't have to be out walking in the pouring rain. So, when Hna. Aybar and I headed out to work, the rain had stopped and we were happily enjoying the cool, fresh air.

We had had a number of good lessons and we're nearing the end of the work day, only lacking 1 hour or so, when dismal, dark clouds started rolling in again. We had one more appointment which luckily, wasn't too far from the last house we had been visiting and the rain started up again. The one umbrella we did have was flipped inside out in the wind and so we decided it would probably be better to just run. We waited outside the house of the Hermana we'd gone to visit in the pouring rain until her husband could open the gate and let us in. Almost immediately after we got inside her house, quarter sized chunks of ice started pelting down from the sky. It was hailing like the end of the world! We could hardly hear anything because of the rocks of ice pelting down on the tin roof. It was crazy. The Lord really is watching out for us. Had we delayed just 1 minute, we would have been under that downpour of ice. It's crazy that it can be so hot outside and then, 5 minutes later, have ice falling out of the sky. I don't understand...
 Hna. Beckstead and I at choir practice for 
district conference
 This week, we also got to go back to Resistencia for Multizone conference. Not much to note there, other than getting to see my little hija, Hermana Dustin! She's all grown up. I'm so proud. Haha. It was a good conference. President and the assistants talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon to teach investigators, and teaching more to their personal needs rather than just teaching the written out lessons. It's what Hermana Beckstead and I have been working on anyway and we've found that it brings a lot of cool miracles.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, we read this week the chapters about Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah and their different missions among the Nephites and the Lamanites. A personal favorite of mine is the story of Amulek, Alma's mission companion. Amulek is just a normal dude, living in the wicked city of Ammonihah where Alma had unsuccessfully tried to share the Gospel. Alma says that he was ready to turn his back on that city forever when an angel comes to him and tells him he needs to go back. Meanwhile, Amulek, "a man of no small reputation", as he says, had resisted the Lord's calls to serve several times. He was comfortable in his life and was happy to go on living it. That is, until an angel came to him and told him he had to go back to his house because a prophet would be coming by. Oh. Alright. So, without hesitation, Amulek goes back to his house and receives Alma there. And the rest is history. He becomes an awesome missionary, calls Zeezrom a child of hell for offering him money to deny Christ, they're thrown in prison, and the prison walls fall down through the power of God. Awesome story.

Something that President has been pushing a lot in the mission, is getting members to help with the work. And we need it. There's no way that Hna. Beckstead and I can do all of this on our own. We need help. We need people to do that member missionary work like Amulek did. Being a member missionary doesn't mean you have to get thrown into prison and beaten like Amulek was. It means praying for missionary opportunities. It means going on visits with the missionaries. It means doing your visiting/home teaching. It means being an example and living the Gospel. Maybe I'm just an impulsive, self righteous-missionary. But the fact of the matter is, we are all missionaries. And we need to have unity to be able to bring the lost sheep back to the good shepherd.
Also, the ladies of the choir! 
Classic Hna. Hein, taller than everyone... 

This work is so important. I love it so much. I know the Lord has His hand in the work and that we can only do it with His help.

I love you all,
Hermana Hein

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