Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Todo a la vez

Double Double Toil & Trouble
Stirring the Locro Pot
Well well well... Here we are... Another week here in Formosa, Argentina... And what a week it was. Firstly, I'm writing on Tuesday because yesterday was 25 de Mayo which is a BIG DEAL here. It's not EXACTLY Independance Day... but kind of. I still don't even know. ANYWAY. P-Day got changed to today to give us the chance to work yesterday. Also, because it was 25 de Mayo, everyone and their 3 legged dog made Locro; a traditional Argentine soup filled with all kinds of yummy ingredients, like cow stomach. Yum. The ward had a Locro party too and Elder Johnson received express permission from President to join the festivities. That was an adventure. I'm thinking that I'll probably never eat cow stomach ever again. Once was enough. But it was a blast to hang out with all the members as they celebrated something. Haha. Also. Free lunch. Even though it was filthy.
Ward Locro Party

This week also gave us the opportunity to do divisions... twice. That was a blast. The first was with Hna. Beecher and Hna. Puente de México and once with Hna. Gull. So fun. I love divisions. It's so great to see that there are things that exist OUTSIDE of my area! WHAT?? Haha. No. But it was great. I always learn something new when we do divisions. And everyone I got to work with this week is great. While I was with Hna. Beecher, all of Formosa BLACKED OUT. That was crazy. But it also provided us with a great view of the night sky. Love those stars.

Divisons with Other Missionaries

We ALSO had Multizone conference this week, (The adventures never end.) which was great, as ALWAYS. I LOVE getting the opportunity to hear from President and Hermana Franco. They are seriously, the best people. So inspired. They are exactly who Heavenly Father needs here in this mission at this time. That much is strikingly obvious to me. President Franco knows EXACTLY what we need. Love him.

In other news, Hector FINALLY made it to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday which means that if he so wishes, he can get baptized on Saturday... If it doesn't rain. All Argentines are scared of the rain, but with Hector, that fear is just ridiculous. We're keeping our fingers crossed and the weather forecast in our prayers.

To end the week, I just want to share my testimony of the power the Spirit has. A lot of times, it's hard for me to follow the Spirit's promptings. It can be really scary. But lemme just tell you what, he is NOT going to abandon us. We are PROMISED that if we do our part and follow his council, we are going to have the strength and courage we need to follow through. I am so weak. I really don't speak Spanish super well. I get scared. I doubt. I'm not an amazing teacher. But if we have the spirit, we don't have to be amazing teachers. He fills up the cracks. Something Elder Oaks said when he was here: "You don't have to master the language if you can master the language of the Spirit." That man speaks the truth. (Well he should. He IS one of the 12.) I know the Spirit is guiding us in this work. We wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING without his help. He is sent here to testify of the truth. I have seen him soften hearts and open blinded eyes. I'm so grateful to be able to have a tiny part in this work. This Gospel means so much to me and I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father that I have this time to share it with the people here in Argentina.

Con amor,
Hermana Hein

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chutes and Ladders

Buen día todos
Hope this week for everyone was fantastísimo. Things here in Formosa are just great. We had a good week, full of the usual ups and downs of missionary work. All in all, despite the downs, the work is very gratifying. There's nothing like having a great lesson with Hector or sharing the Book of Mormon with someone new. Not even the crappy parts of the week can beat those little moments. It's all worth it. Sí o sí.

One great thing we were able to do this week, was watch the dedication of the temple in Córdoba. Ugh. So great. It was especially great because, hey! I've been there! It was awesome to see it completed and dedicated. I had no idea that Elder Christofferson served here in Argentina. What a boss. His Spanish is super good. And Elder Uchtdorf gave a beautiful dedicatory prayer. It was so great. There was such a wonderful spirit there.

We were also able to find some new investigators this week. Thanks to the efforts of the ever working Hermana Machado, we met the Family Insfran, who are GREAT. We passed by their house the first time in the midst of a giant rainstorm and before we'd even told them we were missionaries, they let us inside. Elvi, the single mom of 5 kids told us that she liked our church. "Oh! Have you been to the church before?" I asked her. "No. But that lady (referring to Hna. Machado) is really nice and she just seems so happy. So I would assume that her church is good." Oh wow. We never know what kind of influence we have on people. That's why it's so important to live what we know. So we're pretty stoked to see where that goes.

It's so cool to look back on the week and see all the miracles that have happened here in our area. Yeah... we did get eaten alive by mosquitos and every pair of my shoes is soaking wet from the tormentas this week but in the end, like I said before, the good outweighs the bad. I'm so grateful to be here and to be helping these people. The Lord has His time for everything. It's interesting to see that I was put here to help these specific people. It freaks me out to think about the what ifs. What if we hadn't clapped at Hector's door that Saturday morning? What if his disgruntled brother had answered the door instead of him? But I don't have to think of those things. Because we DID clap at his door. The Lord KNOWS what we're going to do and who we need to help and He makes sure we're in that place at that time.

Thanks again for all the love, support and prayers. I couldn't do it without. The Lord lives and loves us so much. Never forget it.

Sending lots of love from Formosa,
Hermana Hein

*The computer Ness was working on this week wouldn't upload her pictures. So I thought I would share a video made by her mission that shows off the work in the Resistencia Argentina Mission. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The secret ingredient is LOVE!

Saludos del sur!

Feels like P-Day was just yesterday... Oh wait... it kind of was. Because I got to Skype the fam. Amazing. Also, last P-Day was on Tuesday because of transfers... so really, it wasn't that long ago. And for that, there's really not much to talk about. The week was pretty normal.

We found a new investigator last week named Mario. No. He does NOT eat a lot of mushrooms. We had been contacting a barrio we hadn't known about before when we both felt the need to clap at one house in particular. Mario came out and walked the long walk up his muddy drive to meet us. He explained to us that he was Catholic but invited us to return during the week anyway. When we came back to his house, he began to cry. He told us how all he wanted was peace and harmony in his home. "I don't care about money or material things," he said. "I just want my family to be okay; to have peace." We took that as a perfectísimo opportunity to testify. We gave him a Book of Mormon and Alma 7 to read. "Yeah. I'll read it." He told us. Cool.

When we came back the next week, we read the whole chapter with him and invited him to be baptized. He was a little reluctant, saying that he'd already been baptized. We explained to him it was an invitation to change. And that's exactly what he told us he wants. I know that if he's willing to do his part; search and pray about the Book of Mormon, he'll find that answer and have the courage to make that change. He is so humble. He is so willing to do what he can to have that peace in his home. And we're going to help him get there.

Here's the thing about the mission: We are REPRESENTATIVES of Jesus Christ. We are here to act in His stead. That's a BIG responsibility. We have to as Christ would act if He were here in Argentina right now. Sometimes, it's hard to love those people who slam the door in your face. But when your mind is focused on Christ, it's easier. I believe that you're fulfilling your duty as a missionary if you're loving people as much as you can. Because when you love them, you want to share the precious truths you know. That's the secret.

Christ loves us all so much. If there's one thing I've learned here, it's that. I know it. And there's NOTHING we can do to lose that love. Trust in the Lord. He's waiting for us to come to Him. I can't even imagine the sacrifice he made on our behalf. I love Him and am so grateful for that sacrifice everyday. Because I am SO imperfect.

Just another day in paradise...
I love you guys lots and pray for you frequently. Have a spectacular week!

Hermana Hein

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5th Time's the Charm

Well here we are... transfer 5. That's right. Still right here in my first area... Terminal. By the end of this transfer, I'll have spent almost HALF of my mission here this area. Not even going to lie... I was kind of disappointed. I was ready to move on. But clearly, there's still something I need to do here. Something I need to learn or someone I need to help. (or both) One of those being humility. I need to stop thinking about myself. I need to put more trust in the Lord and do the work I was sent here to do. And I've already decided that I'm going to enjoy this transfer. We're going to work our butts off and help everyone we can.

One of those people being Hector. We recommitted him to baptism and we're working to teach him all he needs so he can get baptized next weekend. It's going to take some work but, we can do it. And I know that if we can help him feel the Spirit, he'll get there.

This week was Labor Day here in Argentina. Día del Trabajador. It's ridiculous. Everything SHUTS DOWN. Even Wal-Mart. (Chango Mas... same difference) Is that how it is in the states? I can't remember. But one of the attached fotos is from Labor Day. Because the Argentines also make all kinds of weird food that day. Like locro. Which is basically just cow innard soup. I've actually never tried it, and now, I'm not allowed to. Qué lástima...

Other than all that, this week was kind of boring. Lots of the same... It rained a lot. I have a cold. We did a lot of walking. The usual... Sorry this week was kind of boring. (I also ran out of writing time... awkward...) But the thing I learned this week is that the Lord has His time for everything. We may not always like it, but that doesn't matter. Because He knows everything. He knows why I'm still here. I don't. It's my job to find out what that reason is. And if I can trust in Him, I will. That's the goal. I just have to be humble and submit to His will. That's when the miracles happen.
Laura and her babe, Brisa

Laura and Federico

Sending lots of love up north, (and everywhere else)
Hermana Hein