Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Todo a la vez

Double Double Toil & Trouble
Stirring the Locro Pot
Well well well... Here we are... Another week here in Formosa, Argentina... And what a week it was. Firstly, I'm writing on Tuesday because yesterday was 25 de Mayo which is a BIG DEAL here. It's not EXACTLY Independance Day... but kind of. I still don't even know. ANYWAY. P-Day got changed to today to give us the chance to work yesterday. Also, because it was 25 de Mayo, everyone and their 3 legged dog made Locro; a traditional Argentine soup filled with all kinds of yummy ingredients, like cow stomach. Yum. The ward had a Locro party too and Elder Johnson received express permission from President to join the festivities. That was an adventure. I'm thinking that I'll probably never eat cow stomach ever again. Once was enough. But it was a blast to hang out with all the members as they celebrated something. Haha. Also. Free lunch. Even though it was filthy.
Ward Locro Party

This week also gave us the opportunity to do divisions... twice. That was a blast. The first was with Hna. Beecher and Hna. Puente de México and once with Hna. Gull. So fun. I love divisions. It's so great to see that there are things that exist OUTSIDE of my area! WHAT?? Haha. No. But it was great. I always learn something new when we do divisions. And everyone I got to work with this week is great. While I was with Hna. Beecher, all of Formosa BLACKED OUT. That was crazy. But it also provided us with a great view of the night sky. Love those stars.

Divisons with Other Missionaries

We ALSO had Multizone conference this week, (The adventures never end.) which was great, as ALWAYS. I LOVE getting the opportunity to hear from President and Hermana Franco. They are seriously, the best people. So inspired. They are exactly who Heavenly Father needs here in this mission at this time. That much is strikingly obvious to me. President Franco knows EXACTLY what we need. Love him.

In other news, Hector FINALLY made it to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday which means that if he so wishes, he can get baptized on Saturday... If it doesn't rain. All Argentines are scared of the rain, but with Hector, that fear is just ridiculous. We're keeping our fingers crossed and the weather forecast in our prayers.

To end the week, I just want to share my testimony of the power the Spirit has. A lot of times, it's hard for me to follow the Spirit's promptings. It can be really scary. But lemme just tell you what, he is NOT going to abandon us. We are PROMISED that if we do our part and follow his council, we are going to have the strength and courage we need to follow through. I am so weak. I really don't speak Spanish super well. I get scared. I doubt. I'm not an amazing teacher. But if we have the spirit, we don't have to be amazing teachers. He fills up the cracks. Something Elder Oaks said when he was here: "You don't have to master the language if you can master the language of the Spirit." That man speaks the truth. (Well he should. He IS one of the 12.) I know the Spirit is guiding us in this work. We wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING without his help. He is sent here to testify of the truth. I have seen him soften hearts and open blinded eyes. I'm so grateful to be able to have a tiny part in this work. This Gospel means so much to me and I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father that I have this time to share it with the people here in Argentina.

Con amor,
Hermana Hein

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