Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5th Time's the Charm

Well here we are... transfer 5. That's right. Still right here in my first area... Terminal. By the end of this transfer, I'll have spent almost HALF of my mission here this area. Not even going to lie... I was kind of disappointed. I was ready to move on. But clearly, there's still something I need to do here. Something I need to learn or someone I need to help. (or both) One of those being humility. I need to stop thinking about myself. I need to put more trust in the Lord and do the work I was sent here to do. And I've already decided that I'm going to enjoy this transfer. We're going to work our butts off and help everyone we can.

One of those people being Hector. We recommitted him to baptism and we're working to teach him all he needs so he can get baptized next weekend. It's going to take some work but, we can do it. And I know that if we can help him feel the Spirit, he'll get there.

This week was Labor Day here in Argentina. Día del Trabajador. It's ridiculous. Everything SHUTS DOWN. Even Wal-Mart. (Chango Mas... same difference) Is that how it is in the states? I can't remember. But one of the attached fotos is from Labor Day. Because the Argentines also make all kinds of weird food that day. Like locro. Which is basically just cow innard soup. I've actually never tried it, and now, I'm not allowed to. Qué lástima...

Other than all that, this week was kind of boring. Lots of the same... It rained a lot. I have a cold. We did a lot of walking. The usual... Sorry this week was kind of boring. (I also ran out of writing time... awkward...) But the thing I learned this week is that the Lord has His time for everything. We may not always like it, but that doesn't matter. Because He knows everything. He knows why I'm still here. I don't. It's my job to find out what that reason is. And if I can trust in Him, I will. That's the goal. I just have to be humble and submit to His will. That's when the miracles happen.
Laura and her babe, Brisa

Laura and Federico

Sending lots of love up north, (and everywhere else)
Hermana Hein

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