Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Walk, RUN!

Well... mission life continues. Here we are after another eventful week in Sáenz Peña. This week provided us the opportunity to head to Resistencia for Consejo. Consejo is always the actual best. And this time, was even better. We were privileged to have the presence of Hna. Scadlock's family there. It was incredible. I can't even express the amount of faith that family has. They were each given a moment to share their testimonies and it was one of the most spiritually powerful moments I've experienced on my mission. Wow. I'm just in awe of that family.
At Consejo

Here is a wonderful, faithful family, who have experienced something so so difficult, and yet their faith in the Lord; a faith that easily could have been shaken by the tragedy they experienced, remains unshaken, if not even stronger. They're such an incredible example to me, and to so many others. They each bore powerful testimonies of the Plan of Salvation and the reality of the Atonement. Hna. Scadlock's little siser Taylor, shared a simple testimony that left everyone in the room in tears. The Spirit was like a thick fog hanging in the room.

I too, know that the Plan of Salvation is real. And that this life isn't everything. We WILL live again, thanks to Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know He gave His life so we wouldn't have to be alone in these difficult moments. He loves us. And although, sometimes, we may not understand exactly why certain things happen, if we put our faith in Him and in His perfect Plan of Happiness, we can come to an understanding that all things will be made right when He comes again. I love the Lord. I know He's there. I can't deny it.
Hermana Nakken and all who have been her companions.
Minus the Elders in the photo bombing in the back.
That's why I'm still here. Honestly, if I didn't believe that Christ lived, I wouldn't still be in Argentina. But every single day gives me a new opportunity to see His hand. I've witness so many small miracles here. It's the best.

One thing about Sáenz Peña... we're just a struggling little branch. Even though there's tons of baptized members here. But the 20-30 faithful members we DO have, are AWESOME. Let's just take a look at President Avalos for a moment. He's the branch president. Every week, he makes an hour and a half long journey here to Sáenz Peña to be at church. Not just an hour and a half in a car. Oh no. He doesn't have a car. He doesn't even have a moto. He drives a HORSE CART to church every week. For an HOUR AND A HALF. If that's not the most boss thing you've ever heard I don't know what is. Yeah our branch president is sweet.
Hermana Beckstead and me.
Also. We have a number of youth in the ward that host a volleyball activity at the church several times a week that has given a ton of non-member youth the chance to get to know the church a little bit. Hna. Beckstead and I are working hard to gain the confidence of the members and help them build up the kingdom here in Sáenz Peña. There's so much work to be done here and so much potential. I'd never quite understood the importance of working with members, but here, I've come to realize just how key the members are to this work.

I love the mission. I've learned a ton and still have 8 more months to learn even more. Never forget the love the Christ has for all of us. He lives. He is the Savior of the world. Keep the faith.

Con cariño,
Hermana Hein

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