Monday, August 3, 2015

White wash week 1: Success‏

That's right. We killed it this week. Hermana Beckstead and I got right to work and haven't stopped since.

Whitewashing is interesting... You have almost zero knowledge of what's going on in the area and exactly zero knowledge of where things are. So you just kind of go outside and start talking to people. In a way, it's nice because it gives you an excuse to talk to people: "Excuse me, we're looking for such and such address. Can you help us?" Boom. In the door. Too easy. And we've actually met a lot of cool people. Apparently, Sáenz Peña hasn't had a baptism in 7 months. But we're going to change that.

This week provided us with a number of interesting encounters with the elderly. First, there were the two old people who's first reaction to seeing the two North American girls at their gate was pure terror. The man, through a mouthful of bread and milk, cried out, "I don't have my documents!" and the second old lady, physically trembling with fear, mumbled something indistinct under her breath about not wanting us there. Oh... Okay. Haha. Then, there was the 99 year old grandma of a new investigator who decided to take a midday stroll down the street, yelling at the band of misfit dogs running around her. "FUEEERRRRAAA!!!" We decided that she probably shouldn't be out on her own and went to her aid. Let's not forget about old lady number 4, whom we'd spotted attempting to cross the street late last night. She was hobbling around with naught but her cane, trying to get to church. "We'll call you a taxi." we suggested. As we led her over to the curb to wait for the taxi, she stares up at me from under her eyebrows and says, "What nice teeth you have..." *Witch Cackle* "Uh... thanks..." From the moment we'd called the cab, to the moment it came, every car or moto that passed got screeched at by the old lady. "TAKE ME TO THE CHURCH!!" Finally, the taxi came and we were on our way once more... It was an interesting week.

We are still loving the area and the work we've had here. We know there's a lot to be done and we're happy to lend our services. We just want to work until we fall over from exhaustion. So that's what we're going to do. This week will bring some new adventures as we have to go to Resistencia for Consejo and probably should do divisions. We'll see. No one's really sure what's going to happen. But we're excited.

Lots of Love,
Hermana Hein

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