Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Fire Inside

Welll well well... Here it is: The update. Transfers.

Having only spent 1 transfer in Barrio III of Resistencia, I had assumed I would be staying another... I assumed wrong. Both Hermana Tello and I got transferred out of Barrio III to new areas with new companions. Basically, the entire mission got slashed. I don't think there was one zone in the whole mission that stayed the same. Crazy stuff yo. But alas. The Lord works in mysterious ways, as they say, and for now, we're just going to have to be okay with not knowing all the whys.

Farewell Lucas.
I was a little sad to be leaving Barrio III. I had really grown to love it. Not to mention Lucas. That's hard. You help someone grow to understand the Gospel and come to know the Lord and then you're just gone. You help them in such a profound way but then, the Lord sends you elsewhere. And you have to say good bye. (Which always sucks. Lemme just tell you.) But you do what the Lord asks. Because He knows best. We do not. (As much as we sometimes believe we do.) He sent me to Saenz Peña with Hermana Beckstead. Whitewash.

Neither one of us knows the area. Hna. Beckstead came from Reconquista, Santa Fe. Funnily enough, she was comps with my MTC Sista Hna. Nakken. Awesome. Anyway. We got to the area last night around six, opened up the area book, picked a couple of names, and headed out. As we walked the streets of Saenz Peña, we both felt this build of excitement; a burning in my chest you could say. We're on the brink of something big. We're both just so excited to get lost in the area and find the people the Lord has prepared for us to teach. We're ready.

I just wish sometimes that I had the words to describe what the mission means to me. It's so crazy. Everyday brings something new. A new miracle, a new adventure... In my case, a new area, a new companion, and a new pension. I know I've said before that the mission is basically the definition of change. And it is. You've gotta learn to adapt. That's the key. Learning how to adapt to the many changes the mission brings. It teaches one patience and humility. Funny how the Lord works that way... Casting us into difficult situations to help us learn. Man I love it.

Hna. Beckstead and I met up at the terminal in Resistencia yesterday and since then, I've just been so excited. Maybe it was because we just clicked. (Lemme tell you what, it's been a struggle finding anyone who shares my feelings about Harry Potter here on the mission. But the search is at last over... I found her.) Or the fact that she was just so ready to work hard. Or it even could have been the adventurous ocarina music that greeted us at the terminal in Saenz Peña. Whatever it was, a fire lit inside me and has been burning ever since. Again I say, we're ready.

Surely this coming week will bring a ful laso de aventura. Stay tuned. Things are gonna get interesting.

Lots of love,
Hermana Hein

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