Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hold Your Breath and Count to 10...

So. Here we are. The beginning of a new transfer. My last transfer. What's more, it's only 5 weeks. Which means that this 5 weeks is going to be full of WORK. That's what we do as missionaries. And it doesn't stop until that last second. I stayed here in Costanera. But Hermana Ostler was transferred to my old area in Resistencia. She was really sad. This place really is magic. But now, I'm with Hermana Alduenda from Mexico. I trust in the Lord's decisions when it comes to transfers. Which means that we have some work to do here together.

In terms of the last week, it was a crazy one. On Wednesday, we had to go into Resistencia to renew my visa again. It's a long process. For whatever reason, it takes half the day for me to sign one sheet of paper. But it was fun anyway. I got to hang out with Hna. Beckstead one last time before she hits American soil. And the elders bought us McDonald's after so that was good. Er... we THOUGHT it would be good. But then we had to go out and work and we just felt sick. So, I'm over the MacDonald's thing. Good thing too, as I'll be surrounded by it in a month or so. Haha.
Hermanas Ostler, Hein, Beckstead, and Dibble
doing tramites. WOOO!

On Thursday, we had to go BACK to Resi for multizone conference. That was fun. It's always good to see old friends. I also had to give my last testimony in front of all the missionaries in Corrientes and Resistencia. That was werid. But it was good. I still get nervous speaking in public but the Spirit helped me out a lot. I got up there and everything I'd thought about saying before hand just kind of disappeared. But somehow, something came out that made some sense. Haha. I actually don't remember. 

A group of some of my favorite people at multizone conference
... er... and Elder Karmanov.

The rest of the week was normal, including a rainstorm and some interesting contacts. The best one was the guy who slammed his door on us when he found out that we're from the US. He accused us of being assassins. I looked down at my ridiculous outfit and my stupid hat and thought, "Yeah... the best assassins the US has to offer. Watch out!!" Haha. We had a good laugh about it after.

The last two transfers with Hermana Ostler were tough. We learned a lot together. She's such a great missionary and a wonderful example to me. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with her. She taught me so much. And I hope that I can put in practice all that she taught me now in my last transfer and continue giving every last drop of energy to this crazy place. I love it so much.
Hermana Ostler and I with Nazarena and Agustina of
Rama Costanera

I studied a talk this week from the October 2011 conference called "The Time Shall Come". It talked about the dream that Daniel interpreted for King Nebuchadnezzar about the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. That stone is this Gospel. And it's rolling forth and growing everyday. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that His work can't be stopped. It will never be destroyed by the wiles of man. There is nothing more right than the teachings of Jesus Christ. They help us grow and become better people. I'm so grateful that I've had the chance to be apart of this great work. It has changed me in ways that I never would have experienced before. I'm so grateful to everyone for supporting me in this crazy adventure of mine.

El fin se acerca, pero todavía tengo mucho que hacer. Gracias por su amor y su apoyo.

Les quiero mucho,
Hermana Hein


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  2. Mi nombre es margarita alduenda y soy lds estoy feliz de encontrar a alguien mas miembro Alduenda me gustaría hablar de genealogía