Thursday, October 23, 2014

Instructors in Disguise

Hello world! (because there is still a world outside of the MTC, right? I can't tell.)
Things here are the same as last week. We have 9 hours of class everyday and so much Spanish I'm pretty sure my brain is melting. Everyone has been asking me about the food. (I'm not entirely sure why... It's just cafeteria food. I mean it's not like Cafe Rio is catering everyday or anything. haha I wish.) But it's fine. There hasn't been much that I've loved. They did have nachos one day which I was stoked on. I got two plates of it and it was amazing. But other than that, it's been pretty marginal... But the ice cream sandwiches are always a safe bet.

So, last week, I wrote a little about our first investigator. Jonathan. He was the sweetest (and easiest) investigator ever. But we didn't know any Spanish so we'd go into lessons and basically read a script to him. Ha ha. No bueno. But we ended up figuring it out and our last couple of lessons with him were much better. Well, then we started hearing rumors that he would become our teacher. Needless to say, Hma. Nakken and I DID NOT WANT. We were so embarrassed by our terrible lessons that we were terrified by the idea that perhaps Jonathan would become our second teacher. Well... the other day, we're coming back to class after lunch and who is in our classroom? JONATHAN. NOOOOOOOO!!! I could not handle it. Our entire time teaching him, he only spoke Spanish, and acted like he had no idea what we were saying when we talk in English or in Spanglish. He has an AMAZING Argentine accent and looks like he could BE Argentine. Turns out, He's from TEXAS. AND SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH.

It's so weird to hear your teachers speak in English. But the first time he did it, Hma. Nakken and I just stared at him. We're still super embarrassed. In our last lesson with him, we invited him to Baptism and he gave us this huge long answer that neither of us understood. So, I turn to Hma. Nakken and whisper, "was that a 'yes' or a 'no'?" She didn't know either!! So she looks at Jonathan and goes, "Si or No?" BAHAHAHA it was so bad. But he's an amazing teacher. And an amazing person. He's *literally* the coolest person I've ever met. And it'll be really cool to be taught by someone who has had to sit through our teaching because he'll know exactly what we need to improve and how we can do it. That first class with him was so weird. But at the same time, one of the best lessons we've had. I'm pretty sure it was just about planning or something. But he taught us in English that day which was really nice because, hey! I could actually understand him! and he's just this spiritual GIANT. And yet, in stature, he's tiny. When we pray, he looks like a little kid. He's so amazing. and so smart. like. Intellectually smart. He's studying NEUROSCIENCE. I cannot. I love every lesson we have with him. Oh. And his name's not Jonathan. It's Hermano Lloyd. I can't keep all his identities straight. Because now, he's playing another investigator named Andres.

Our other teacher, Hmo. Morgan is great too. And the first time we heard him speak English, I almost crapped my pants. it was SOOOOOO WEEEEIIIIRRDDD. You can tell he's not hispanic. He's straight up white. But his accent is really good and he speaks like a native. But then he speaks in English and he has this American accent and it just throws me off so much. couldn't handle it. Both our teachers are awesome. That's all you need to know. And it's really weird when they speak English.

The Spanish for me is coming... kind of. It's crazy to think how much I've already learned. I can pray in Spanish like a boss but that's about it. Ha ha. Just kidding. I know a lot more than I give myself credit for. It's a beautiful language. Way prettier than I used to give it credit for. And I'm SO grateful to not be learning Russian or something. Oi. There's like this, unspoken rivalry between all the different languages. Us Spanish don't get on well with the Germans. Ha ha. Crazy I know. But they're always butting in on our gym action. We just wanted to play Four Square and the Germans had to ruin it. Get on outta here. Plus, there's this one German sister that always gives me the stankiest looks. I'm sorry that my weirdness offends you. Kindly stop glaring at me. Then there's the Italians. We get along okay with them. They'll sometimes play volleyball with us. There's this one Italian that straight up looks like Conan O'Brien. I can't. He's everywhere. We *literally* see him everywhere.

The ceiling over our volleyball court has been destroyed thanks to Elder Brown. He can't contain his own strength. Everywhere else in the gym the ceiling is fine. But not in that one corner. We get pretty outta control in there. But it's so fun. But everyone in that district is leaving on Monday... :( Sad day. They're the best. We stole their painting of Captain Moroni from their classroom. (the other pic from this week: me with my spoils of war. With crazy eyes.)

The two Hermanas who we shared a room with left this week. They were in that district but had already been at the MTC for like, 2 weeks when they joined that one. I don't know. It was weird. They were here for like 8 weeks or something. They were ready to get out. And I don't blame them. But I miss them. They were awesome. That's what the picture is this week. Their names were Hma. Bitton and Hma. Stice. Stice is serving in Virginia and Bitton is serving in Southern Argentina. (with the penguins) . The two in the middle are the ones who left and the ones we roomed with. And the other two are in our District. They're the greatest.
  Hma. Flores, Hma. Duncan, Hma. Stice, Hma. Bitton, Hma. Nakken, me  

Anyway. I should probably go. I don't know what else to tell you about. I feel like nothing has even happened since last week. Because everything we do is the same. I'm still loving it and am excited everyday to learn something new. Sundays are the best. Hands down. Devotional, choir, sacrament meeting, (OH! except that we have to prepare talks in Spanish for Sacrament meeting and the branch presidency choose two missionaries AT RANDOM to give them......... yeeeeaaahhh... i didn't finish mine this week and I was SO SCARED THAT THEY WERE GOING TO PICK ME... They didn't.) Temple walk, no class.... es the besssssstttt... And Tuesday night devotionals are always amazing. Okay. Now I'm really bouncin. Until next week, fare thee well.

Love, Hermana Hein

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