Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Infected (Not the name of my favorite movie)

Well.... This week was terrible. I got so sick on Halloween and still haven't fully recovered. But I'm on my way. Only today, my voice is all but gone. Everyone was laughing at me during volleyball because I sound so stupid. Oh well. Volleyball was excellent... as always. We played sand volleyball up by the temple and while it was a little chilly, we had fun.

So, because I was so sick this entire weekend, there really isn't much to tell because nothing even happened. I stayed in bed all weekend and was sooooo bored. We went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me and that was a hassle... He checked for the flu, strep, and mono. I hate all of those tests. For the mono test, they had to take my blood but I hadn't had anything to drink all day so they had a little trouble getting any blood to come out. Hhhhhh.... I was telling Nakken about this whole thing and she could not handle it. She was a phlebotomist before she came here so she knows all about that. Anyway. I didn't have any of those things so that's good. But I did have an infection so we had to go get some drugos down the street. THEY MADE ME WALK DOWN TO THE PHARMACY IN MY SICKLY STATE TO GET MY OWN DRUGOS!! (it's actually drugas but whatever.) Long story short, I didn't enjoy this week. Also, OUR WHOLE DISTRICT IS INFECTED!! It all started with Elder Bennett who also now has pink eye, (DON'T LOOK HIM IN THE EYE!!!) who gave his sickness to me. I went home but he kept going to class and got OUR TEACHER SICK. Hma. Duncan got a 24 hour stomach flu, Hma. Flores is feeling sick and Hma. Nakken is starting to feel it now too!!! Basically, we're a hot mess in District 38 E so just steer clear. It's a quarantine zone.

Speaking of District 38 E, we're the oldest in the zone now... How crazy is that? Es la posta!! Okay. Story about that phrase: one of our teachers served in Argentina and has been teaching some Argentine slang. Saying, "es la posta!" in Argentina is like saying, "that's legit" in English. But the literal translation, is  "it's the post". Haha. So we said it one time in front of our other teacher who served in El Salvador and he was so confused as to why were saying everything was the post. Haha. Argentina seems like an interesting place. And I'm psyched to get there. Speaking of, WE GET OUR TRAVEL PLANS ON FRIDAY!!! I can't even handle that. It literally feels like we got here yesterday.

Hma. Nakken and I hadn't taught anyone in what felt like eons so our first lesson after I got back was yesterday and it was terrible. We were teaching our TRC investigator who already is a tough cookie and then, of course, all the Spanish in my brain was just..... gone. I felt horrible. So hopefully our lesson tonight is better. We'll see though. We're teaching our teacher and he always makes me laugh so I don't even know.

Not much else to say today. Because again, nothing even happened this week. But that's okay. I'll just leave with a quick (and always awesome) thought from Elder Holland. His talk from October conference 2012 was mentioned in one of the devotionals this week and I thought it was really cool:

Just check it out. He's talking about being disciples of Christ and it had a lot of really cool stuff for us missionaries. Here's just a brief snippet of what he said:

"Our is not a feeble message. It is not a fleeting task. It is not hapless; it is not hopeless; it is not be consigned to the ash heap of history. It is the work of Almighty God, and it is to change the world."

Man. Jefferey R. Holland is the coolest. Anyway. It's really important to think of how important this work really is. And how important it is that we take it seriously. But this can be applied to really anyone in the church. You don't have to be a full-time missionary to share the goodness of the gospel.

Okay. I'm out for this week. Sorry it was such a lame week. Hopefully this coming week brings more interesting stories... Okay.
Love you all,
Hermana Hein

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