Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home is Now Behind You...

Holy guacamole I´m in Argentina!!

This place... is crazy. I thought I was learning Spanish in the MTC but apparently... I was not. Haha. Just kidding. But it has been a real chore trying to understand the people here. They talk so fast!! Thank goodness for a companion who actually knows Spanish. Haha.

Hna. Fullmer is awesome! She's so patient and understanding. It's been rough. Not even going to lie about it. The culture here is so different and it's really frustrating that I can´t communicate with anyone. Pretty much all I can do during lessons is bear my testimony. Hopefully that's enough.
Hmna Fullmer

Let me just tell you a thing or two about Formosa... There are dogs.... EVERYWHERE. And the driving is OUTTA CONTROL. No me diga. I was certain the few times we took a cab that we would be responsible for multiple deaths. There´s not really any traffic lights or speed limits or anything. Everyone just goes when they want. It´s a mite terrifying.  Everyone drives motorbikes and weave in and out of traffic. I´m so glad we don´t have to drive anywhere. Walking however... has been... interesting...

My feet are SHREDDED. I´m not kidding. If I´m not capable of walking through Mordor and into Mount Doom barefoot after this... I will be severely disappointed. Those people at the Sister Missionary Mall.... RIPPED US OFF!! Those shoes are the worst. We are going shopping today for new shoes. Also... I have some weird bug bite on my ankle that has made my whole ankle swell up... Yeah not sure... But we´ll see what happens there. Because my feet are so torn up, walking everywhere sucks. Haha. I feel so bad because I feel like I´m slowing us down. We aren´t teaching as many people as we could be because I have to walk like an old codger. Ugh it sucks.
Home Sweet Home

Argentina is a very humble place. At least... it is where I am. I don´t know how things are down south... But here, the people live in very humble circumstances. It really makes an Hermana grateful for all the things I have. I really have no room to complain about anything. I've been humbled a lot since coming here. I have a lot to learn. And I'm so excited. Terrified, but excited. I have been cast into the refiner's fire and I hope to come out of it a better person.

I'm excited to be here and excited to be learning so much. I have already been so blessed by my time here. I can only imagine what I'll have learned 17 months from now.

Okay. Until next week then. The pics are of our pensión and me with Hna. Fullmer. Cool beans. Alright. Now I'm really out. Love you guys and I hope all is well!

With love, Hermana Hein

Side Note from Mum: Jenessa told us that her first Sunday in Argentina, the Sacrament Meeting was the Primary Program. I asked her if they sang the same songs that she (Jenessa) taught our primary kids before she left. She said that some of the songs were the same, but there were others that she had not heard before. Since she was one of the Primary Music Leaders, Jenessa felt bad that she left for her mission just a couple of weeks before our Ward's Primary Program.

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