Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh ho. Week 2 in Argentina

Dear Familia:

Don't worry. It was mucho mejor. I decided the biggest reason why my week was so terrible was because I had such a crappy attitude. I let my frustration and my emotions get the better of me and it ruined my week. But this week, we did divisions with some of the other sisters in our zone. I went to Puerto with Hna. Barker and served with her for a day. It really opened my eyes. The people in her area were not as friendly and welcoming as they are in ours. And yet... she kept smiling. She kept sharing. And didn´t let the rejection get her down. It was just what I needed to see. So, the next day, when I got back to my area, I decided, "today is going to be better." And it totally was. Your attitude changes *literally* EVERYTHING.

Okay. It's hot. It's crazy that it's DECEMBER because I am literally sweating litres here. The last couple of days have been really nice though. My area is called Terminal III and it's very humble. Everyone says that Argentina is known for their amazing beef... but I haven't had any beef since I got here. The best thing I've had is called... Milinesa?? Yeah. Don't ask me how to spell that. But it was pretty good. Other than that... I haven't been loving much of the food here. I was really craving potato chips the other day...

Okay. Check this out. The secretaries of the mission called us yesterday and asked for me... Uh... crap. They told me I had to go sign some papers for my Visa......... in CORDOBA. Cordoba is like.... far. Like... a 12 hour bus ride far. I'm really excited. It's gonna be a long trip... but I get to see another part of Argentina OUTSIDE my mission. Crazy. We also have to go down to Resistencia this week for Consejo. Which is just for missionary leaders... which my companion... is...? (I can't even speak English.) So this week is going to be pretty crazy and we won't get to work a lot. Which means that when we can work... we're going to WORK.

I'm really grateful to be here and grateful to be learning so much. I only have 2 weeks in the field but I already know that this experience will help me learn and grow so much. I'm grateful for the Lord and all his help this past week. I know he's been with me literally every step of the way.

The pics from this week are all of us Hermanas in the zone at Multi-Zone conference and Hna. Fullmer and I with the hand turkeys we made for Thanksgiving. You've gotta be creative here in the mission.

Okay. I'm out for week 2. Love you all and I hope you have a good week.

Hna. Hein

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