Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Will to Act

Whew. Week 3 down. I'm practically done with my mission. Haha. But it's crazy that I'm already halfway done with one transfer. Yeah... I know. That's nothing. But whatever. As long as I'm working, the time doesn't really matter.
In front of the new Cordoba Temple

Speaking of work... we really didn't do a lot of it this week because I was in Cordoba. It was awesome. Okay... The city was awesome. Waiting around to sign visa papers... not so awesome. We went with a group of like... 30 missionaries and the President's wife, Hermana Franco, who is AMAZING BTW. I was really grateful for the opportunity I had to get to know her a little better. Also, I was grateful that I got to take a HOT SHOWER WITH WATER PRESSURE! Amazing.

While in Cordoba, we had the opportunity to go see the new Cordoba Temple. It's not finished so we couldn't go inside or anything but it was awesome. I love the temple and I was grateful to just be on temple grounds. The temple is beautiful (like all temples, am I right?) and attached are some photos. :)

Also on our trip, I was reunited with Hermana Nakken which was amazing. And I also got to know some of the other Hermanas in the mission. Hermana Barker was my companion for the trip and she (as you read from last week... maybe...) is awesome.

The city is very... San Francisco. Lots of hills and trees and cool buildings... I really liked it. But I wouldn't want to serve there.

In Cordoba
It's almost Christmas. Crazy. Especially since it's so hot here. It doesn't feel like Christmas. But the church recently just made a video that we have been using A LOT in our contacts and it's AMAZING. I invite all of you to watch it. In English, I think it's called, 'He is the Gift'. WATCH IT. We have a new investigator that was just a contact. Some missionary in another area asked her to watch the video and she did and she wanted to know more. So here we are.

This week, I've learned a lot. I definitely feel like my Spanish is improving everyday and I'm becoming more comfortable teaching. The thing that helps the most, is just DOING IT. I'm here to serve the Lord. So I need to do just that. I need just open my mouth and speak or I'm never going to learn. There's no growth in a comfort zone. I have to have the will to do what is needed. The will to act. Faith is action. JUST DO IT.

Okay. I'm out for this week. Enjoy the pics of Cordoba... and my face. Because let's be real. I'm more interesting than a city... yeeeeaaaahhh... Alright. Until next week, then. Love you all and hope all is well.

Love, Hermana Hein

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