Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Wow. Christmas is upon us. How crazy is that?? I can't believe it. Also. It's week 6! Transfers are next week! Who even knows what will happen. Hna. Fullmer has had 6 MONTHS in this area so we really have no clue what's going to happen. Because she also only has 2 more transfers in her mission. And she doesn't think that she will finish her mission here. So maybe we'll whitewash together... who knows.

This week was crazy. We had to do divisions otra vez with the Hermanas in Pirané. It's like... the Rexburg to the Idaho Falls that is Formosa. It's tiny. And hot. And there's GIANT COCKROACHES THAT FLY!! Ugh. I could have died. I already have a fear of giant flying beetles thanks to The Mummy. And now that fear has been realized. Oof... That's one reason I'm glad to be in my area.

Also, I love the people in my area. Most people are so nice and open to hearing what we have to say. And the members are great. Pretty much all the members here in Formosa are converts, so they understand the importance of this work.

This past week or two, we've had the opportunity to teach a little family that live really close to the church. It all started because this woman asked us to help her son with his English homework. So, we took the opportunity to share a little bit with them about what we do and teach them a bit too. We finally got to teach them the first lesson and they were so excited about it.

The boy, named Alex, is 12. And he is so great. And so smart. We gave him a Book of Mormon one of the first times we taught him and gave him the chapter about Nephi going back for the plates to read and he loved it. He was so excited to ask for more chapters to read. When we taught him about the Restoration, he asked us,

"Wait... if the true Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the Earth today, where is it??"

"Bueno. You know that church across the street with the white steeple? Yeah... That's where."

His eyes got huge and he was SOOO excited that the truth was so close to his house. Unfortunately... Alex and his Mom didn't make it to church yesterday. We're a little disappointed but still excited to teach them more. They both have such a desire to learn. and they're so sweet. Teresa, Alex's Mom, gave us empanadas the other day!! Amazing.

I'm really grateful to be here. I know I say that every week but in reality, I'm supposed to be here. There's people like Alex here that I have been prepared to teach. No, my Spanish isn't the greatest. But that's okay. Because if I can teach with the Spirit, my ability to speak the language won't really matter. (DON'T WORRY. I'm still studying the language at every chance I get.)

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and always remember to keep the Lord at the center. Because with Him, we can do ALL things.

Con Amor,
Hermana Hein

The pic from this week: Pirané. That pic with the horses, is the very ESSENCE of Pirané: (minus the giant roaches.) horses, dirt and mud, ugly dress. Get it.

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