Monday, January 5, 2015

No Change is GOOD!

"We can stay up late, swapping missionary stories,
and in the morning, I'm making waffles!" 
It seems... I am meant to stay in Terminal for another transfer... So be it... Just kidding. I'm way excited. Hna. Fullmer and I have been doing really well and growing a lot as a companionship. We hope and pray that this transfer brings even more success and good work.

Just yesterday, we FINALLY had an investigator in church. Araceli, who we've been teaching for a number of weeks was finally able to rearrange her work schedule so she could come to Sacrament Meeting. It was really good for her. She really enjoyed the spirit that she felt there and the kindness of all the members. We pray that she's able to fix her schedule so she can come every week. Because church is just what she needs to strengthen her testimony.

This week we've been working really hard to find more people to teach. More people who are prepared to hear and live the gospel. We prayed to know where to contact and were led to the door of a man named Oscar. We couldn't teach him right then in that moment but we set a time that we could come back and left him a Restoration pamphlet to read. He was very nice and seemed open to hearing what we had to say. So we went back yesterday, not really knowing what to expect (Because pretty much everyone here lets you in.) But it was a REALLY good lesson. The spirit was really strong and he listened and participated attentively. It was awesome. We're praying good things come from him.

New Years was fine. Hna. Fullmer kept saying that last year, she didn't sleep at all because people were in the streets partying all night. Lighting fireworks, blasting music, You know... those kinds of fun things. But we didn't have that problem at all. There were some fireworks but not enough to keep me from sleeping and the next day, the streets were straight up, EMPTY. Work on New Years Day wasn't work at all. It was walking a lot and talking to nobody. Haha.

But it was okay. We're glad we have another transfer together here in our area and hope that we have some good things come out of it. We're here for a reason and we're going to work hard to fulfill that purpose.

But that's pretty much it for this week. Sorry that once again, it wasn't super exciting. But we basically do the same thing all day every day. so... yeaahh... Okay. Until next week then.

Best wishes!
Hermana Hein

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