Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January blows by...

Wow. February. What even happened in January? I honestly don't know. But alas. Here we are. And transfers are next week. You know what that means: Training Complete. Que loco che. I can't believe it.

As for this week, there's really not much to tell. Hermana Fullmer spent most of the week still really sick. So we had an interesting side quest to the Argentine doctor this week... yeah... sketchy. The lady didn't even take vitals or anything. Useless... She asked what was wrong and then prescribed something. We're still not sure what. It was an interesting adventure to say the least. And while Hna. Fullmer still is not feeling 100%, she is feeling much better. We've come to the conclusion that her body has just had enough of Argentine food. One more transfer and she won't have to deal with it anymore.

This week, we tried to focus much more on following the subtle promptings of the Spirit because we haven't been having much luck finding new investigators that are PREPARED to receive the Gospel. Man let me tell you what. The Spirit knows what's up. We had several good lessons this week with potential investigators. But more than that, we've found a couple of less active families to work with too. We're still working with the Duarte's but this week, we also started talking with the Familia Valdez. Meriam Mabel is the woman we talked with and she had some interesting stories of the opposition keeping her from returning to church. I won't get into too much. But despite this opposition, she came to church with us yesterday! We were really excited. The only thing is that she doesn't live here in Formosa. She's only here for vacation. She lives in a little village outside of Cordoba that apparently doesn't have a church. But we'll see what happens. We can help her while she's here.

Yesterday after church, it was REAL hot. Nice and toasty as it is here in the North. But after we popped in for a spell at the Duarte's to see how they were doing, the rain started coming. And let me tell you what. It RAINED. We weren't prepared for it either because it was so hot 20 minutes earlier. (I swear, everyday here you have to leave with your sombrero, umbrella, and rain boots because you never know what you're going to get.) Our next appointment was across the street. But in the time it took to walk across the street, we looked like we had been swimming. Nice. Thanks Argentina. We had permission from the Zone Leaders to go home early and well... despite the fact that we're not allowed to go swimming as missionaries, we had a pool in the pensiĆ³n. We spent most of the night mopping it up. So we used ARGENTINE SHAM-WOW! It was super effective. Really. Argentines know how to sham-wow.

Sorry there's no pictures this week. The computer here is... a little janky. But next week for sure. Anyway. That was this week in a nutshell. And next week is transfers! Ah! We'll see what happens now that I don't have my training wheels anymore. (I would make some reference to Icarus and his wings melting but I'm pretty sure that my wings would melt regardless of how far I am from the sun because it's so hot. So there's that.)

But until next week, suerte con todo!
Hermana Hein

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