Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Now I am the master...

I probably shouldn't be quoting Darth Vader in reference to my church calling but alas... I couldn't resist.

Here I am in Argentina, just ready to finish my 12 weeks of training, when the assistant to President called us... To tell us that I am going to have to relive 12 semanas because I'm now training... a new.... missionary...

Yeah I freaked out. Let's be real. I'm STILL freaking out. We don't meet our hijas until tomorrow. We have to go to Resistencia to pick them up. After that... my real training begins...

I've always said that the mission is like the Refiner's Fire. I'm never going to be completely ready for everything the Lord asks of me. But if He waited for us to be 100% ready, we'd never learn anything. The best way to learn anything is to just do it. I've said it from the beginning of the mission and I'm casi seguro that I'm going to be saying it until the end. If I just sat around as M2 my whole mission, only doing what it is that M1 is doing, what would I learn? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's time for me to step up, put on my big girl pants (skirt) and go to work.

I'm terrified. I have a little baby bird in my hands now. And it's my responsibility to teach her how to fly. All while I'm still perfecting the art of flight myself. It's going to be very interesting... And we are going to learn LOADS together. I'm excited. My Spanish is going to improve. My teaching skills, my street smarts. All of it. Because I'm a mom now... And I have to help my little hijita.

I have a testimony of this work. I know the Lord has a hand in everything I do here. I am never alone here. And I won't ever be alone if I keep Him involved in what I do. Yes. I'm terrified. But at the same time, I'm excited to see my faith grow as I put all of it in Him. CuĂ­dense mucho.

Con amor,
Hermana Hein

Pics for the week: more rain and even more mud. I almost lost my boot that day to the mud. And also, Hna. Fullmer and I with Araceli, one of our investigators. I'm really going to miss Hna. Fullmer. She's amazing.

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