Monday, February 23, 2015


Buen día todos.

What a week it has been. It was Carnival this week, which is basically Mardis Gras in Argentina. Which meant that we had to be inside early most of the week. I didn't appreciate that. But whatever. The time we did have to work, we worked.
Formosean Sunset
We have this new investigator named Angelina. She's 8 years old and TOO precious. Her mom is a member but Angelina needs the lessons before she can get baptized. It's been interesting because teaching kids is HARD. ESPECIALLY when I still don't know a ton of Spanish. You have to think of new ways to explain things like The Preisthood or apostosy. It's interesting. But also, so much fun. We started teaching her Plan of Salvation the last time and I took the opportunity to use some of my artistic abilities to draw out a little map for her. She was so into it. Angelina told us that she likes art too, so we brought the Gospel Art Book to show her some cool Gospel paintings. I just opened up to a random page and OF COURSE it falls on the painting of Zion being translated. Angelina asked us what was happening. Uuuhhhhh... Not quite sure how to explain that one. Haha. So I told her that Enoch was praying. She looked up at me, astonished. "With his eyes open!?" Haha. And after, she asked to see a picture of Heavenly Father. So I flipped to a painting of the Fisrt Vision. She examined it for a moment before saying, "With a longer beard and glasses, he would look like Santa." I WAS CRYING. Oh my gosh it was so funny. We're teaching her again tonight and I'm super excited.

Saturday, we planned to spend the morning contacting in an area we don't know super well. One of our first contacts of the day turned into a pretty cool lesson with a man named Hector. At first, he was a little hesitant to let us in, but after seeing us sweating like mad under the Argentine sun, he offered us some water and we were in. Hermana Dustin had a Book of Mormon in her hand when we walked in and upon seeing it, Hector began to ask us questions. We explained more about it and taught him the Restoration. He then went off on this whole thing about how so many people profess to have faith but then don't do anything about it. Huh. Interesting. So we invited him to church and to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. He accepted. The crappy thing is that we can't see him again until NEXT Saturday. So we're praying that he remembers us and the spirit we felt during that lesson.

Hector didn't make it to church either. We didn't stand outside his house and shout his name Sunday morning. Maybe we should have. Oh well. We'll see what happens next week.

Hermana Dustin and I at the park

Needless to say, this week was interesting. But that's okay. Training is crazy. But Hermana Dustin is great and we have learned a lot together. And we're going to continue to learn and grow everyday. And so long as we keep the Lord involved in our work, we'll be just fine.

Salud hasta la próxima semana!
Hermana Hein

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