Monday, March 2, 2015

Wait and Listen

Hello from Formosa, friends and family.

This week was awesome. Why? We had multizone conference this week and it was OFF THE HOOK. Seriously. So good. We talked a lot about using the spirit in our efforts as missionaries and the ways we can best help people. Together, we all read 2 Nephi 31 and discussed the whole thing. It was... AMAZING. Seriously one of my favorite chapters in the whole Book of Mormon. It's so clear. That is all of it. That's the gospel in two pages. It's so good. During the whole conference, I realized how much I need to improve. Which is a lot. But I'm so PUMPED. The whole time, I just wanted to get out and WORK.

Hermana Flores and I at Multizone Conference

We also got to watch Meet the Mormons during the conference so that was awesome. Only... it was in Spanish. And my Spanish still isn't the best. Haha. But it was still great. It's awesome to hear so many different stories and perspectives on the Gospel, from all different parts of the world. Because really, the Gospel is the same everywhere. Be it Puerto Rico or Nepal, it doesn't change.

We did get to teach Hector again on Saturday. He didn't come to church last week so we were hoping to amp him up for this week. We asked him if he'd read anything in the Book of Mormon. "Yeah... I read a little bit." "Okay... what did you read?" "I can't remember exactly where it is, but it says 'Mormon' at the top... it's a book or something." He flipped through the pages until he found 'Words of Mormon'. "Ah. This." "Oh. So you read Words of Mormon?" I asked him. Okay... that's kind of a random book to start with but whatever... "No. I read everything UNTIL this." "Wait. What??" He had read EVERYTHING UNTIL WORDS OF MORMON. 1 AND 2 NEPHI, JACOB, JAROM, OMNI... ALL OF IT!! We couldn't believe it. Hector is so cool. He's going to be Young Men's President one day. We invited him again to church. But he still didn't make it. Not sure why... But we're going to find out and get him to church. He has a destiny to realize.

Sweet Angelina

We found another woman who seemed really excited to learn more but she didn't make it to church either. Church is the struggle. The other problem is that no one here has a fixed work schedule. "Yeah. I work. But only when my boss calls me. And I never know when that's going to be." Uuugggggghhhhh... The worst. But we're going to find Valeria and teach her because she was awesome.

One person who DID make it to church this week was Hermano Duarte's son, Jose. Remember the Familia Duarte? We've been teaching them since I got here. And after 7 years of not going to church, Hermano Duarte started going again. And now, he's getting the rest of his family to go too. I love the Duarte's. They're the sweetest people. We just need to work harder.

Well friends, that's pretty much it for this week. This morning, Hermana Dustin and I took a little side quest right out of our area when we took the wrong bus. Cool. We didn't know where we were but we found our way back. That was an adventure. The bus we were on just stopped. It didn't loop back around like I had hoped. So we were just dropped off on a dirt road with no name... awkward... couldn't call a taxi or anything. Suerte. Haha. It was crazy.

Me doing Ben 10

Anyway. despite that... everything is good. We're working and enjoying and learning. I love the mission. I can't imagine my life if I had never come here. If I had never met the people I have or done the things I've done. My life wouldn't be complete. I'm so grateful to the Lord and for this Gospel. I am so blessed and my life has so much more meaning when I'm living the way God wants me to. Thanks for all the support and love I get every week. Keep the faith!

Con Amor,
Hermana Hein

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