Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slash and Burn

Sometimes, I look back on the week and think, "What even happened this week?" and I can't remember. But then, when I think about it, I realize just how much really has happened. This week was one of those weeks. It all started on Monday, when I dropped my ice cream. But that's really not that important. I could probably do with one less ice cream cone in my life. But under the Argentine sun, that ice cream is just too good...

Wednesday, we had another Multi-Zone Conference where we had the great honor of hearing from Elder Nuñez, an area seventy. It was so... COOL. This was his message: "Don't waste your time here just being a good missionary. Be MORE." Together, we read in Mark, the story of Jesus talking to the rich young man who says, "I've lived the commandments since I was little." And Christ says to him, "Sell everything you have and follow me." And the young man can't do it. At this point, Elder Nuñez stopped us. He said, "If you were having this conversation with the Lord right now, what would he ask you to give up?" Whoa... Mind=Blown. It was seriously so cool. And got me so pumped otra vez.

Going to Multi-Zone Conference
The rest of the week hasta Sunday passed like normal. We taught Laura again and helped her understand the importance of Baptism. She's well on the way to her own Baptism. Speaking of Baptism, we were SUPPOSED to have a baptism for little Angelina on Saturday but THAT didn't happen because no one in her family was here. The whole situation was kind of weird. We couldn't ever get ahold of her mom to ask what the situation was and it wasn't until FRIDAY EVENING that we found out we weren't having a baptism. It was kind of annoying but whatever. This time for sure.

Sunday was when things got really crazy. Firstly, we Laura and her Fiánce, Federico came to church! That was super exciting. Then, it was ward conference and the Bishopbric got reorganized. I should just say first off, that the old Bishop, Bishop Alfonso, has been bishop of Barrio Terminal for 19 YEARS. He dedicated everything to Barrio Terminal. And now, he's just Hermano Alfonso. Crazy. The new Bishop, is Obispo Lezcano... who we also happen to live with... awkward. But the Lezcano's are the coolest people and he's gonna rock it as Obispo.

After Sacrament Meeting, Laura and Federico had to leave so we just went to Sunday School with a new member. But halfway through the class, one Hermano pulled Hna. Dustin and I out of the class. Huh. That's weird. Do we have to have an interview with the new Obispo or something? We walk out into the hall and who's standing out there? Hector. HUH?? We were really confused... But really excited!! We even got him to stay for the third hour combined class... But that was really kind of a bust because it was just the members talking about how many people come to sacrament meeting and how much money the ward has... Ooops. Sorry Hector. Priesthood is usually super good. Oh well...

Our district before the transfers.
Then came transfers. Oh transfers... always so stressful. I'm not sure why. I guess I just don't like change. Sucks to be me huh? Because the mission is FULL of change. I'm pretty sure if you were to look up LDS Mission in the dictionary, it would just say, "Change" next to it. And there was A LOT of change this transfer. Hermana Dustin and I are the only survivors from our district. ALL FOUR of the elders got transfered. Which was a big shock. Both their areas are being whitewashed this transfer, and one of the new elders is training. Suerte. It'll be interesting. But with the new Bishop and four new elders in areas they don't know, Barrio Terminal got a clean slate this week. I'm sure we'll see miracles.

And that's what happened in Terminal this week. Maybe this really isn't that interesting. But it was a crazy week. From our point of view por lo menos... Anywho. That's it. Maybe this next week we'll find more crazy people. Who knows. You never know. But that's what makes it fun. Okay. I'm out for this week. Have a good one!

Hermana Hein

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